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Looking for a self-isolation hobby?

The coronavirus outbreak has completely changed everyday life for many of us. While this is a difficult and unprecedented time, there is a silver lining. For many who are spending more time than usual at home, it's the perfect opportunity to pick up a new hobby or reconnect with an old one.


Great pieces of art come from some of the most turbulent periods in history. Whether you're a budding metal artist looking to create striking pieces of art or simply want to be able to equip your home with a new BBQ, fire pit or coat rack, this nifty hobby is both practical and creative. Hobbyweld welding gas is the perfect gas for beginners and hobbyists alike, available in refillable cylinders for sustainability.

Craft beverages

If you've ever thought about starting up a cottage craft drink industry or simply delighting your family and friends with some homemade beverages for holidays and occasions, now is a great time to learn this new skill that could become your next business venture. Whether you're looking to produce artisan alcoholic drinks such as beer, cider or sparkling wine, or you want to discover a world of carbonated fruit drinks and even nitro coffee, what better time to experiment with different flavours and ingredients, and you can give your drink extra zip with food-grade CO2 and nitrogen.

Home aquarium

The lockdown might mean you're stuck indoors, but you can give your home a taste of the exotic with your own aquarium. Keeping tropical fish and plants is an excellent way to invite a calm and serene ambience into your home, and with pet shops still permitted to open, you can easily get started. Don't forget to add aquarium gas to your shopping list to ensure your plant life benefits as much as possible.

No one knows how long the present period of uncertainty is going to last, so it's time to embrace a new way of living. Using this time to explore a new hobby or dust off one that's been on the back burner is a great way to rediscover your creative side. And at London Gases, we can help supply all your gas and fuel needs to your door.