Food being cooked on an open fire

Open Fire Cooking Tips – 5 Foods That Are Better Cooked Over An Open Fire

Fact: some foods just taste better when cooked over fire. A log fire is the winter equivalent of a barbecue, so why not make the most of your fire – whether it's in the fireplace of your cosy living room or out at the campsite – and whip up some tasty treats?


It's that time of year again, and chestnuts are finally back in season. Just like the famous line of the song, chestnuts roasting on an open fire at Christmastime is a must. They're so simple – just rinse them, score a line along the flat side, and roast them over the fire in an aluminium pan until they begin to split. Peel them, and serve with butter, salt, sugar or whatever you like.

Barbecued chicken

The smoky flavour of proper flame-roasted chicken just can't be achieved any other way than with an open flame. Mix up a marinade using all the flavours you love – try peri-peri marinade or BBQ sauce – and roast the chicken far away enough from the flame that it has enough time to cook through without the outside burning up. You can serve it in a bun as a burger or just tuck in as is.


Another classic, toasted marshmallows have no equal. Plonk a couple of jumbo marshmallows on the end of a skewer and hold them over a low flame or hot coals, turning slowly, until they're toasted all over. Delicious!

Hot chocolate

Making your own hot chocolate is always better than store-bought varieties, and you can kick it up a notch this Christmas by warming it over an open fire. Start by heating your milk in a pan over the fire, and then slowly add in your chocolate mix – you can either use a ready-made hot cocoa mix, or add grated dark chocolate, a little sugar, and any other ingredients you fancy. Add cinnamon, malt powder, or nutmeg to switch it up a bit.


Sausages are dead easy to roast over an open fire. As with chicken, just be careful not to cook them too close to the fire so that they cook throughout – but you can bring them closer at the end to crisp up the skin. Try roasting pigs in blankets this year as a festive treat and see how much better they taste!

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