People eating at an outdoor table lit with fairy lights and candles

Outdoor BBQ Party Tips – 4 Tips For A Memorable Outdoor Party

BBQ’s are a major highlight of the summer season here in London, bringing friends and family together for good banter and delicious food.

However, there’s more to a BBQ than cooking great tasting meat. If you’re planning an outdoor feast, follow our nifty tips to make it truly memorable.

1. Purchase a good quality barbecue

While we’ve all enjoyed a cheeky instant BBQ with our mates, they’re fairly impractical if there are more than a handful of you.

It is well worth investing in a proper gas BBQ as you have loads more space and more control over the temperature and timings. They’re also much easier to clean than traditional charcoal barbecues, which you’ll appreciate once the party’s over.

Just remember: gas barbecues won’t be any use if you’ve forgotten to purchase the gas. At London Gases, we cater to all your BBQ gas needs.

2. Birthday party paradise

Planning a birthday bonanza? Balloons are a fun and inexpensive way to jazz up the garden and make the guest of honour feel special.

We recommend purchasing balloons in an array of colours and attaching them to every available surface (away from the BBQ itself). At London Gases we supply helium gas as well as BBQ gas, so we’ve got you covered.

3. Don’t just cater to the carnivores

London has long been a haven for vegetarians, so make sure your veggie guests have plenty of options to choose from. Think halloumi skewers, ‘shroom’ burgers and stuffed peppers charred on the grill.

These options are all easy-as-pie to make. You provide the vegetables and we’ll provide the gas!

4. Bring on the booze

While it is now socially acceptable to ask your guests to BYOB, make sure you’ve got some options on the go. Avoid disappointment and stock up on beer, wine and cider.

Or if you’re feeling fancy, knock up a vat of Pimm’s, complete with mint, cucumber, strawberries and orange slices.

Don’t forget to plan ahead and make sure your BBQ is ready for action. At London Gases, we deliver BBQ gas, Calor gas, coals and logs straight to your door.

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