People warming their feet by the fire

Planning Your Fuel Supplies For Autumn and Winter in London

As Autumn comes upon us and Winter draws in soon after then it is the ideal time to start planning out what fuel supplies you need to stay warm. For many, there really is nothing like a proper roaring open fire to feel cosy and relaxed. However, it does mean you have to do some forward planning now to be prepared.

Don't make the mistake of not taking the time now to see how much coal or how many logs you require as this could leave you short or spending more than you need too. Similarly don't leave it too late to begin this important task – you want to have all your coal or logs safely in storage, ready for when you need them!

Plan how much you need

The first thing to do is think about how much fuel you will use on average and how often you will have it delivered to you. This will tell you how much you need to order at any one time to keep you going until the next delivery comes in. By knowing this, you can make sure you always have enough in when you require it but without wasting money by ordering far too much. It is a good idea though to order a little more than you think you will use as this will keep you going if you get snowed in or the delivery can't reach you in Winter.

Think about budget

Another fine tip regarding planning your fuel for Autumn and Winter is setting a budget. This will help to keep your finances in order and mean you always have money to buy more fuel if needed. One essential thing is to not spend all your fuel budget on one massive order of coal or logs. If something goes wrong such as improper storage in your home then you would have no money left to buy more. Get all the other things you need in too

Of course, there are other things that you need to light an open fire so make sure you get stocked up with those too. Get a good quality basket or coal bucket for storage, make sure you have a fireguard for security and grab firelighters. All this will mean you are good to go when you need to feel the warmth on you.

Let London Gases help today

If you are based in the London area and need top quality coal or logs for the coming months, give us a call today. We can supply either to make sure you always have what you need to build that perfect open fire when you most need it.