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Portable Gas Heaters for Caravans – the Traveler’s Best Friend

Some people are simply born to travel: they invest in caravans, camper vans or large tents and set off on road trips or adventures. They don’t mind staying at campsites or sleeping in the back of caravans because they’re focused on finding out what’s over the next horizon, or what’s in the next town on their map. Are you one of these fleet-footed wanderers? If so, there’s one problem you’ll know all about: the problem of keeping warm. Making your latest camp-site or roadside stop cosy can be a challenge, even for veteran travellers and explorers.

Luckily, there is a simple solution: bottled gas. Here at London Gases, we are delighted to supply high-quality Calor gas bottles (and other brands of gas) to anyone looking to set out on a camping trip, road trip or journey. Bottled gas can be used to heat even the most temporary of camp-sites. But what sort of heating equipment should you take with you on your journey? Should you take small, portable gas stoves or something a little larger?

If you’re staying in a caravan or you are able to set up more spacious campsites, you may wish to consider investing in a cabinet heater. These portable gas heaters can be transported easily, set up in any location and switched on and off at a moment’s notice. Though they are portable, they are big enough to heat relatively large areas. However, we recommend using them in small tents or any environment where they will need to be positioned against something highly flammable. We also recommend using them in environments where they are likely to be knocked over. Think carefully about whether there is any risk before you invest in or use a portable gas heater: they’re ideal for some situations but potentially hazardous in others.

If you only have access to smaller campsites or a mini campervan on your travels, cabinet heaters probably aren’t appropriate. However, you can use small gas stoves to heat up food, boil water for making hot drinks and generate a little warmth. As with cabinet heaters, however, we strongly recommend not using these inside tents, near anything flammable or in a position where they may fall over. It’s also worth noting that it’s worth taking a portable stove even if you are already travelling with a cabinet heater.

Regardless of whether you choose to use a cabinet heater or a simple stove to keep warm, we can provide you with the gas you need to power it. We sell bottled gas in London, so take a look at our range today.