Balloons hanging on a string in a garden

Staycation summer: what’s not to enjoy?

With all the rules, regulations and restrictions in place for public spaces in our post-COVID world, this might just be the perfect opportunity to reinvent how we spend our leisure time. The perfect place to party this year is right on our own doorstep. So whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary or just because it’s summer, now is the time to create the perfect at-home staycation.

The staycation bar

If you’ve been inspired during lockdown to do a DIY project, a bar is a great addition to your home and a vital part of any staycation. On holiday, you might enjoy a cool beer by the sea, so why compromise on your staycation? Get cool music and a beach bar video on your TV and then it’s time for a refreshing ice cold beer. We can supply you with beer gas to make your drink taste as fresh as can be. Celebrate the start of your staycation by raising your glass. Perhaps even have a nightly happy hour or mix up a staycation cocktail.

Bring on the BBQ

Holidays are all about enjoying great food and a staycation should be no different. Whether your BBQ is gas or coal, we can provide you with the suitable fuel. Then it’s over to you to create the best in staycation food. Go thematic with a different international cuisine each night. Greece, Spain and Turkey, aside from being great holiday destinations in normal times, offer the perfect food for a BBQ. Fancy a bit of fast food? Recreate the flamed grilled burger or spicy chicken wings on your own staycation BBQ. It will be a crowd pleaser at any staycation party.

Blow up the balloons

Nothing says celebration more than balloons. They transform outdoor furniture, doorways and indoor spaces. But no one wants a saggy balloon, which is why it’s important to use helium gas which can be hired from us here at London Gases. Balloons make the perfect backdrop to your staycation party and make excellent photo opportunities. What are you celebrating? Does it matter? Holidays this year really do start and end at home. Embrace your staycation!