Summer campfires for beginners

Nothing beats the camaraderie of sharing a campfire. Toasting bread and marshmallows while enjoying the glow of a real fire can be a lot of fun, but to avoid disappointment and enjoy your outdoor blaze, there are some crucial steps to follow. Read on to find out more.

Select the right spot

It might sound simple but when choosing a campsite make sure it allows you to make campfires. Unless your area has specific legislation, you will also find that you can build a campfire in your garden providing that you are respectful of your neighbours.

Get prepared

Ensure you are equipped with everything that you need. For the best campfire, you’ll need kindling (small sticks of wood), seasoned or air-dried firewood, matches or a lighter and some tinder. Tinder helps get your fire started and cardboard and old newspaper are both easy-to-come-by options.

Construct your fire

While many people opt for a pyramid shape, a campfire that has no risk of toppling and gets reliable results is a lattice or grid. Offering more stability, this type of campfire involves placing two logs parallel to one another in your fire pit, but close together enough so that you can balance longer pieces of kindling wood across them.

Now tear up some sheets of newspaper into smaller pieces and scrunch them into loose balls. and lay in between the two logs. Place two to three pieces of your kindling across these two logs and over the newspapers to ensure that you leave gaps in between them to let air circulate.

Next, make a second layer. Placing two to three more sticks of kindling at an angle of 90 degrees to your first layer. Continue this method until you have three to four more layers.

Lighting and feeding your campfire

Light your tinder on one or two places and it will begin to burn. It should ignite your kindling but add more balled-up newspaper if necessary. Once burning the kindling will light your logs. You can then add further logs to build your fire. Start with smaller logs and build up to the larger ones once your fire is well underway.

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