Food cooking on a bbq

The best BBQ food for vegetarians

As the weather gets warmer and summer approaches, you're probably getting ready to take the barbeque out of storage and fire up the grill. If you're vegetarian, however, you might be feeling a little left out of the festivities, so we've compiled a list of five delicious meatless dishes that you can grill on a barbeque.

Vegetable foil packets

For a simple and flavoursome side dish, simply chop up your favourite veg and season with a homemade mix of spices. Then, wrap them up in some tin foil and grill them on the barbeque until they become tender and brown around the edges. Not only is this dish delicious and easy to prepare but it also requires minimal clean-up!

Halloumi burgers

These crispy burgers with halloumi cheese are far easier and quicker to make than any beef patty and are packed full of flavour. Simply coat however many slices of halloumi you want in flour, shallow fry and then assemble into a burger with your favourite toppings and a bit of tomato relish for a crispy texture and tangy taste.

Couscous and grilled vegetable salad

If you have any vegetables leftover, this fresh and low-calorie salad makes a wonderful side dish. Simply marinate your veg in balsamic vinegar, toast some Israeli couscous and toss some fresh herbs on top. Serve with a side of refreshing lemon vinaigrette and enjoy.

Vegetable kebabs

These simple and tasty grilled vegetable shish kebabs make a colourful addition to any vegetarian feast. Skewer zucchini, pineapple, tofu, onions and bell peppers on a wooden stick and grill with your favourite marinade to create your new favourite barbeque dish.

Grilled romaine lettuce with tomatoes and basil

This healthy side dish is easy to make and requires only four ingredients. Simply grill up some romaine lettuce wedges and serve with some fresh chopped tomatoes and basil and a light drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

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