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The best fuels for campers

If you’re going camping this summer, you should ensure that you take the correct fuels with you. In addition to cooking, campers can also use fuel to keep warm if the weather turns cool unexpectedly. Here at London Gases, we want to make sure you’re properly equipped for your camping trip. That’s why we’ve created a list of the most useful fuels to take with you. If you take these fuels with you when you, you’ll be prepared for every eventuality.

1. Propane and Butane
  Calor gas bottles of propane or butane are ideal for powering gas-fired camping stoves and similar pieces of camping equipment. Propane is more popular and slightly more affordable, so you might already have experience cooking with it. Butane is less commonly used but is 12% more efficient than propane, meaning that it can produce a little more thermal energy. We recommend taking one bottle of each type of gas so you can decide which you feel most comfortable with.  
2. BBQ fuel
  A camping trip is a great opportunity to have a barbecue. Of course, you’ll also need to take the correct fuel for it. Check whether your barbeque uses patio gases, charcoal or another fuel type and take enough of that fuel to barbecue a meal while you’re camping.  
3. Wood or coal
  It’s very unlikely that you’ll need to use solid fuel while camping. However, it’s worth taking a couple of logs or a small bag of coal, just in case. This is particularly true if you’re going somewhere remote. If a mishap or accident prevents you from using your gas cannisters, it can be helpful to have solid fuels that you can use to build an old-fashioned fire. Wood or coal are very reliable and make great emergency fuels. Just remember to read up on fire safety before you leave!   Summertime camping can be a wonderful adventure. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re prepared for that adventure. Taking the correct fuels is a big part of that preparation process. Luckily, getting the fuels you need is easy…  
We at London Gases offer a broad range of gases, coals and logs. Check out our product pages today.