Person in wooly hat and scarf looking out at a snowy landscape

The best way to stay warm during the Christmas season

Celebrating Christmas during a winter season can be very challenging for most people in London. You’re struggling to keep yourself warm, and at the same time, you are looking for ways to decorate your apartment. However, LondonGases is always at your service to help you find ways to generate warmth in your home. We specialise in the supply of gases and solid fuel such as coal and wood, that most families rely on to keep them warm during winter. If you have no idea how to organise a warm Christmas for your family, it is time to consider the following…  

Wood-burning fireplace.

There are several ways to keep your home warm as you enjoy fun moments with your close family and friends. Building a wood-burning fireplace in your sitting room should be the first action on your list as you prepare for Christmas. Fire creates a perfect ground for gathering on a cold Christmas night. Understanding how your chimney damper operates will help you know the right amount of wood to supply. Wood selection is very crucial when using a fireplace in the sitting room. We provide the best type of wood with the right shape designed for a fireplace to keep the fire burning during the cold seasons.  

Coal-burning fireplace

Some fireplaces use coal instead of wood. However, handling coal requires a lot of caution. Coal fuel is always the best choice when the cost of electricity and wood is expensive. We supply coal that produces less smoke and varies in sizes depending on the fireplace. We are also open for consultancy on the right type of fuel to use whether it is dense coal that lasts for longer or coal that is less thick.  

Gas fireplace

One of the differences between a gas fireplace and other fuels is the chimney, which tends to acts as an escape route for some energy from the fire. Unlike the wood and the coal fuels, the gas fireplace has no room for escaping the heat. Hence most of the heat is contained within the room.