Food cooking on a bbq

The do’s and don’ts of purchasing BBQ gas

As the summer months approach, people are starting to plan their sunshine socialising, their escapes to the great outdoors and their camping trips.

Barbecuing is the most popular way to cook food when sitting around a campfire due to its convenience, versatility, and signature taste. There are several things to consider beyond the sausages needed for a BBQ when planning a camping trip, with the main priority being the BBQ gas.

There are several do’s and don’ts to contemplate when cooking with BBQ gas and purchasing BBQ gas cylinders.


1. Make safety your number one priority

BBQ gas must always be handled with caution. If the canister it is housed in is not treated correctly, the gas can escape and become a serious risk. Gas within a BBQ gas canister is pressurised and compressed to allow more of the substance to fit in the bottle. If the gas escapes uncontrollably, the pressure behind it can cause a fireball or explosion, which can have a detrimental effect on a campsite and put the campers in danger.

2. Consider quantities needed

BBQ gas cylinders are available in an assortment of sizes, and if a canister is purchased that does not house enough gas for the BBQ’s requirements, there may be some very hungry campers!

Gas that is designed for a BBQ or cooking stove usually burns at approximately 150 grams per hour, so a 500-gram canister is needed for BBQs which are expected to burn for up to three hours.


1. Purchase just any type of canister

There are various types of gases available for purchase and it is vital to buy the most suitable one for your needs. The main differences between canisters are the nozzle and valve, so the first step is to check the BBQ and gas stove to ensure the connection fittings match up.

2. Buy unsuitable gas

Butane and propane gas are the two gases best suited to outdoor cooking. Most outdoor cooking appliances are not designed to accommodate any other flammable gases, so it is best to check with an expert before purchasing the substance.

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