Food cooking on a bbq

The three main types of BBQ grills

With spring approaching, most of us start itching to go outside. We can't help but think about preparing our garden for those pleasant outdoor get-togethers with friends and family. The best part? Cooking up a storm on your very own barbeque grill, beer in hand.

When you're finally ready to go out and get yourself that barbeque grill you've been dreaming of, you must make sure you purchase one that best suits your needs. There are some advantages and disadvantages to consider before deciding on which type of barbeque grill to purchase. As it's always good to do your homework before hitting the shops, here is some information to assist you in making the right choice:

There are three main types of barbeque grills to choose from; coal, gas and log.

Coal BBQ grill

If you want your food smelling like it's actually been barbequed, it's best to use coal. Whatever you cook on it, whether it be meat, fish or vegetables, it will undoubtedly smell and taste amazing. Your guests will be impressed.

The downside is, coal needs some preparation and cleaning up. It can get a little messy when you're handling the coal or cleaning up the ash afterwards. The good news is, the mess can easily be maintained with an apron and some latex gloves.

Gas BBQ grill

If you hate making a mess and just want an easy to use barbeque grill that you can fire up at a moment's notice, a gas barbeque grill is your best choice. You just fire it up just like you do with your gas stove. No preparation is required and cleaning up is much easier.

The bad news is, your food will not smell like it's been barbequed. It will smell as if you cooked it on the gas stove in your kitchen. If you don't mind that so much as long as it spares you the clean up of coal, this barbeque grill is the one for you.

Log BBQ grill

Who doesn't love that delicious smoky flavour you get from a barbeque? If that's what you're looking for, you'll love log barbeque grills. After all, you can't go wrong with using the original method of barbequing.

We all know that the original way of doing anything also requires more effort. The logs will need to be lit sometime before you plan to start cooking in order to prepare them. This means regularly checking up on your barbeque grill and making sure the fire is under control and the wood is ready for cooking.

One thing's for certain, no matter which barbeque grill you end up purchasing, you won't have to worry about where to get your supply of coal, gas or logs as you can find all three at