Tent behind an autumn tree

Tips for autumn camping

Many people think that camping is just for the summer. However, this isn't necessarily true – plenty of people go camping in the Autumn (and even winter) too!

In this article, we'll give you some helpful tips for camping in the autumn.

Pack a three or four-season sleeping bag

In the daytime, you'll be moving around a lot and using loads of energy while camping. It's the nighttime you need to worry about! It can get very cold in a tent at night. However, if you get a sleeping bag that is made to withstand cold nights in three or even four seasons, you'll feel nice and toasty.

Wear plenty of layers

For all those times you are not in your sleeping bag, layers are key. Take leggings to wear under tracksuit bottoms, thermals and lots of jumpers. Wearing lots of layers is usually warmer than putting on one big layer, as the air that each layer traps keeps you warm.

Make sure that your tent is waterproof

Moving onto the tent, we can struggle with quite a lot of rain in the UK in autumn so make sure that your tent is waterproof. Either choose a tent known for its water resistance or put a tarpaulin over the top.

Take something to sit under

You also might want something to cover you that's not your tent, so if it's drizzling you can still sit outside while keeping dry. You could purchase a marquee with open sides, enabling you to enjoy fresh air but stopping you from getting wet.

Do not use BBQ gas to warm your tent up

Whatever you do, do not attempt to use Calor gas bottles to warm your tent up. You should never open gas in your tent, as it can be very dangerous. Any cooking that you do should be outside, either under an open marquee or in the great outdoors itself.

However, do use BBQ gas to cook lots of warm meals

That being said, you will need some Calor gas bottles to cook. You can cook some lovely warm meals with these bottles, like curries or chillies, which are the perfect way to warm up when camping in Autumn.

To stock up on BBQ gas for your autumn camping trips, contact London Gases today.