Tent by a forrest in snow

Top 3 winter camping tips for 2021

Camping is as popular now as it has ever been around the UK. While you might think it is mainly a summer activity, it is actually perfectly possible to head out into nature over winter too. Camping at this time of year gives a whole different experience and sees the great outdoors transformed into a magical place. Before you head off though, it is wise to get some tips to stay safe when camping in winter during 2021. But what are 3 of the best to know about?

Take a portable stove and gas with you

If you plan to head out on a winter camping trip in 2021, it is certainly worth taking a gas bottle and portable stove. This time of year can get pretty wet and cold, which means staying warm is key. A portable stove not only enables you to make hot meals but also hot drinks to beat the chill. It will also give you a heat source to warm up by. Just remember to find a stove that is lightweight, compact and simple to operate. It is also key to find Calor gas bottles that are compact and light to carry to fuel the stove.

Put a mat or base layer under your sleeping bag

As noted above, camping out in winter can see temperatures drop. This can be especially true in the evening when you are trying to sleep. It is therefore key to stay warm whilst asleep, so the cold does not wake you up and you get plenty of rest. A good tip is to put a base mat or base layer under your sleeping bag. This stops the freezing ground making you cold and also makes the ground comfier to sleep on.

Don't stay in wet clothes

Another great tip for those camping over winter 2021 is to change out of any wet clothes as soon as you can. Staying in wet gear is not ideal because it can quickly lower your body temperature and lead to complications like hypothermia. Always have a set of dry clothes in your rucksack and change into them when required.

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