Top Charcoal BBQ Tips

We love barbecues here at London Gases. They’re a great way to bring your passion for cooking into the open air while simultaneously socialising and relaxing with friends. That’s why we provide such a wide range of barbecue fuels, including various kinds of BBQ gas and (of course) BBQ charcoal. There’s an art to cooking on charcoal, and we’d like to help you master it, by coming up with some techniques and tips that should help you create truly delicious dishes when cooking on a charcoal barbecue.

A smooth and even spread produces sumptuous, evenly cooked food

The single most important thing to remember when cooking with charcoal is that it needs to be spread evenly. If you have large piles of charcoal in some spots but hardly any in others, you’ll create concentrated areas of intense heat on your barbecue’s surface next to areas that are barely warm. This will cause your meal to be cooked unevenly and may even result in burnt patches. Take the time to spread your charcoal evenly before lighting your barbecue to ensure that every piece of food is cooked to an equal level of perfection.

Never settle for low-grade charcoal

You want your barbecued meal to taste rich and smoky, but you don’t want it to taste of pollutants and impurities. Make sure the charcoal you buy is as pure as possible in order to ensure that you get a natural flavour.

Add wood chips of different species for extra flavour

The smoke from a charcoal barbecue can infuse your food with its own subtle, mouth-watering flavour. If your barbecue can also take wooden fuel safely, why not try adding a few wood chips to the charcoal to add an extra twist to this flavour? Some species of wood produce sweet, aromatic smoke which can give your food a richer, more playful flavour. Other species produce smoke that can impart an added sharpness and zest to your meals. Try different species of wood to find out which flavours your prefer. Just make sure that the wood chips you use aren’t artificial or held together with chemicals: using those chips would produce a flavour you’d probably rather avoid.

At London Gases, we wish you the best of luck when it comes to mastering cooking on a charcoal grill. We’re sure the next barbecued meal you produce will be truly irresistible! Check out our BBQ charcoal to get started on creating the ultimate summer foodie evening!