Collection of delicious food cooked on a bbq

Top tips for improving your BBQ

As we start to enjoy the warmer weather, there is no doubt in denying BBQ season has finally arrived. Whether you are cooking for a small army or just your household, naturally, you'll want the food you serve at your BBQ to be as tasty and delicious as possible. To improve your BBQ skills, follow the below tips…

1. Be prepared

Weather forecasts, unfortunately, aren't always accurate. For residents in London, thanks to the Great British weather, a harsh wind or a gloomy drizzle is never far away. For this reason, it is essential you use quality BBQ equipment, such as premium charcoal, and always have a good supply of firelighters on-hand should you have to battle wet weather to keep your BBQ going.

2. Always pre-heat your grill

Do you find that your BBQ meat takes much longer to cook than usual and often the outside of your food is burnt before the interior is properly cooked? You can prevent this by ensuring you pre-heat your grill before placing any food on it! Pre-heating your grill will also ensure food doesn't stick to your grill and has attractive grill marks. If you have a gas BBQ, closing your BBQ lid and allowing the BBQ to heat up for around 10 minutes should ensure the BBQ is properly pre-heated.

3. Season your meat

Whether you are using a coal or gas BBQ, it is important you season your meat to give it a truly wonderful flavour. Many people add BBQ sauce to a burger after it has cooked, but adding BBQ sauce to meat as it is cooking, as a glaze, helps seal in the flavour and keeps the meat succulent. You should also season meat whilst it is cooking, to ensure the flavours properly infuse with the meat.

Ready to start grilling?

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