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Transporting Calor Gas Cylinders – Tips For Camping This Summer

You've got your pitch booked on that great little farm or down by the sea, you've checked your camping gear and you've bought gas bottles in London as the cheapest way to cook for a fortnight. But what's the best way to get your calor gas bottle safely to the campsite, whether it's here or in Europe?

Transporting your gas cylinder

The first thing to mention is that you don't need any kind of warning sticker, and that the risks of carrying gas in your car are very low, if you follow these precautions:

Transporting gas cylinders to Europe

If you decide to take a gas cylinder to Europe, then you'll need to check the restrictions with ferry operators or Eurotunnel. Thousands of people take calor gas bottles to Europe on camping trips every year, so you shouldn't encounter a problem as long as you observe the rules. Make sure you declare any calor gas bottles you aim to transport at the time of booking and at check in, and make sure they're easily accessible for inspection.

Safe storage saves lives

Once you've reached your campsite and pitched your tent, you're going to need to store your gas safely because C02 can kill. Your tent will have sufficient ventilation for you and your family, but it is not designed to safely ventilate the build up from cooking gas. If you're an experienced camper you'll probably already have a separate outdoor kitchen, but if you're a novice it's important you set up an outdoor cooking area. Store your gas outside the tent, keeping the regulator covered and never use gas to heat your tent.

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