Food cooking on a bbq

Travel Gas BBQ – Finding The Right Gas Bbq

There can be little doubt that once you have chosen the right gas BBQ, you can have a lot of fun and create some delicious meals for your family and friends. They also provide an excellent alternative to cooking indoors, especially during the summer months. But when it comes to buying your next gas BBQ, the choice can be quite varied. So with that in mind we have created a few pointers that should help you make the perfect choice first time around.


Whilst the high end models have some very impressive features, they might be a little over the top if you are only ever going to be cooking for two or three people. But if you are buying your gas BBQ with the intention of hosting corporate events, then a travel BBQ is not going to cut the mustard. So have a good think about how many people you are likely to be cooking for before you start looking at the options. For a larger family or regular parties, you should be aiming for a gas BBQ with at least three burners. Pay attention to the cooking area size on display, anything around or over 2500cm squared is more than enough for garden parties.

Is it portable enough?

For those of us who love camping and have space issues, it’s best to look at what gas BBQs are available in the portable range. Thankfully there are plenty of cool designs that can be easily packed into your luggage without too much compromise on the functionality front. These are usually fairly inexpensive and will work with a 5kg gas cylinder offering enough fire power to last all summer long.


Long gone are the days when gas BBQs were simply the means to an end. You can now peruse through a large selection of styles to suit your taste. Not only are they far more aesthetically pleasing than ever before but their functionality has also come on in leaps and bounds.

So there you have it, just bear these three points in mind and you should soon find the best BBQ to suit your purpose without too much hassle. If you need an equally suitable option as far as Calor Gas cylinders are concerned, please contact us today.