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Turn Spring Into Summer With A Gas BBQ

Spring: it's the season to enjoy the outside, picnics and walks, and maybe even the first barbecues of the year. The evenings are getting lighter and the sun is shining more – but the classic British weather means that it’s a brave person who ventures outside for long with no protection.

However, there's no need to abandon your plans to make the most of being outside, just because the temperatures aren’t playing ball. There are a great range of gas products on the market that mean you can still enjoy your space, even if the weather is a little on the chilly side.

With gas barbecues, the days of standing around and freezing, blowing on charcoal and desperately trying to get a reluctant barbecue going have gone. Instead you have a grill that’s ready to cook on in a matter of moments, so even if you do have to do it from under an umbrella, you won’t have to be out there for longer than necessary! A BBQ gas bottle gives you excellent value for money, and it’s easy to store with your grill, so when the mood strikes you're ready to get barbecuing! And if the sun does come out and you’re brave enough to go outside, it’s a great option for a quick, easy and informal lunch with your friends – depend on your barbecue when you can’t depend on the weather.

It can be frustrating, looking at a beautiful evening from inside as it’s far too cold to stay out for long. But have you considered getting a gas fired patio heater? They are really effective, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space for a greater period of the year. Being gas fired, there’s no danger of tripping over wires, and there's a variety of wires available.

Make the most of the lighter evenings and enjoy some outdoor living, either eating outside or enjoying some chill out time with family and friends. You’ll probably still want to have a jumper, but you’ll only need one – not three!