Food cooking on a bbq

Use your BBQ gas year round

You might think that your gas barbecue is something of a summer-only item, and this might colour how often you use it. Items used for only a few months of the year tend to be stored out of easy reach, and it can become too much bother to get them out for the few occasions that they might be useful. However, if these items – such as your BBQ’s gas bottle – can stay in use all year round, then they can have multiple advantages, the first of which is that they are always easily to hand. Your gas bottle can power so much more than just your barbecue – let us have a look at some of these:

Provide light during a power cut

Having a biggish gas bottle to hand can be a godsend in the event that you suffer a power cut. This may not happen very often, but when it does, the nights can seem very long and boring without sufficient light to enjoy a book or jigsaw puzzle. Gas lighting is much brighter than candlelight and can even brighten up a small room so that usual activities can take place. This makes a power outage go by much quicker than it would otherwise do.

Power a small heater

A gas bottle can also power a small heater. While the warmth may not be comparable to that offered by a central heating system, it can be enough to take the edge off an unheated room – enough to enable family members to stay healthy and dry during a power cut. A gas-powered heater is also ideal for summerhouses and conservatories: rooms that are not commonly used in autumn and winter as they become too cold and tend not to have radiators built into them.

Cook with them!

Many new homes are being built with a strong reliance on electricity over gas. If your home is one of those but you much prefer to cook with gas, you can! Simply invest in a couple of gas bottles and connect your gas oven to the supply, getting back to your favourite mode of cooking in no time!

Gas bottles are also great for when you are camping (which can also be done year round) or staying in a caravan for a short time. Once you start looking for year-round uses for your BBQ gas bottle, you won’t be able to stop. Who knows, perhaps you will even double your order for gas bottles so as to meet all the needs you didn’t know you had!