A pile of wood

Using Firewood – Important Questions To Consider Before Your Purchase

Although the cosy atmosphere of Christmas and New Year has now passed, the frosty nip of winter air remains in London to hurry us home in the evening. It's the ideal time to sit down and relax with a warm drink in front of the fireplace. However, while you might be thrilled to use your fireplace, you may also be confused by the wide choice of wood on offer. We've put together some top questions to consider before purchasing the items you'll need.

What kind of fire do I want to achieve?

It's important to consider what kind of structure you are building a fire in before purchasing your logs. For instance, if you're fuelling a boiler or multi-fuel stove then you might want to opt for traditional hardwood logs.

On the other hand, you can select softwood logs for an open fire or wood burning stove in order to achieve a more aromatic burn. If you're one of the many Londoners who have installed a pizza oven indoors or outside, you can opt for kiln dried logs in order to ensure a long burning time at a high temperature. There's no point ruining a great pizza night by not purchasing the correct fuel source!

Are the products cut to size?

While you may want to embrace the rustic feel of an open fire, the effort of hacking at chunks of wood in order to resize them might not sound as appealing. When you're shopping for your fire products, ensure that all of the logs you are purchasing are pre-cut for ease of use. It's crucial that even products such as kindling be correctly portioned in order to allow your fire to catch light quickly and not waste energy. At London Gases, our kindling is segmented into perfectly sized sticks to provide a consistent lighting process each time you need to use them.

Are the logs sourced sustainably?

As we all become more environmentally aware, it's essential that we ask about the origin of our firewood. A reputable provider will ensure that the products are ethically and sustainably sourced.

At London Gases, logs and kindling are collected from woodland that is managed and well maintained. You can enjoy that cosy fire in the January chill with the knowledge that it is eco- friendly, as well as warm and luxurious.