Man cooking food on a bbq in the snow

Using gas BBQs in the autumn and winter

While the summer seems to be continuing, and we are all looking forward to another stretch of hot and sunny weather in London, we all know that it will be coming to a close soon. However, this does not mean that autumn and winter are the times to pack away your BBQ gas bottles and grilling equipment. Even if the nights draw in and the temperature drops, there are still many ways to use your gas, coals and logs once summer has finished.

1. Trust in your grill

Regardless of the weather outside, your grill will always perform to the same standard, assuming that you have excellent fuel available for it. Whether the weather is sunny or cloudy, if you put your trust in your grill to perform at the same level regardless of the time of year, your London BBQ parties will always be the talk of the city amongst your friends.

2. Cover your grill in adverse weather

While your grill and BBQ gas bottles should be fine in adverse weather, it is well worth covering them in any wet or stormy weather. Rust can easily build up on your grilling equipment, which has an adverse effect on the flavour of food cooked on it, but the connections between your fuel source, regardless of whether that is gas, logs, or coal, may also be affected.

3. Fuel checks

For anyone looking to grill in the autumn and winter months, it is well worth ensuring that you have enough fuel to cover all of your grilling needs. There is nothing worse than starting a BBQ party and running out of fuel half way, and in the colder months this is even worse. Ensure that you are fully stocked up on all of your fuel, and then you can host a party with the peace of mind that everything will run smoothly.

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