Food cooking on a camping stove

Using gas bottles when camping

If you live in England, and certainly if you live in London, chances are you’re at home right now dreaming of the day you can get into the Great Outdoors and go camping again. Whilst you may not be able to go at the moment, there’s plenty of time for you to plan your next adventure. One thing to think about when you’re planning the kit you’ll need next time you sleep under the stars is gas, and using gas bottles whilst camping.

Camping stoves

Whether food is simply fuel or you love cooking up innovative meals and gourmet treats on your trips, most people consider a camping stove an essential. But as well as pots and pans, cutlery, and tasty ingredients, you’ll also need a gas bottle. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for your stove to be certain of which type of gas you should use. If you’re planning a barbeque during your trip, you might also want to consider taking bbq gas with you.


Think about the size you’ll need – of course, this depends on numbers and the length of your camping trip. Large gas bottles will be more cumbersome to transport so take this into consideration; most trips are unlikely to need more than 10-15kg of gas.


When travelling to your campsite, there’s no need to put a warning on your vehicle that you’re carrying gas, unlike with large or commercial gas cylinders. Make sure the bottles are upright and that they don’t roll around. This prevents the valve from becoming clogged.


We know that being free to roam the countryside might feel a long way off at the moment. However, it’s still worth thinking about what you’ll do with the gas bottles once the trip is over. They can be recycled in most household waste centres, so it’s worth checking with your local centre. The most important thing is to take your used and empty camping gas bottles home with you when you leave.

London Gases deliver Calor gas bottles directly to you. When you start planning your next camping trip, contact us to get the right gas bottles for a flawless outdoor adventure.