Food cooking on a camping stove

Using gas bottles when camping

If you're planning a camping trip with the family, you will probably want to make a list of things to bring. One of the most important items on any camping trip, besides the tent and sleeping gear, should be a supply of Calor gas bottles. Gas bottles offer a quick and simple way to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tea. On top of that, gas bottles are compact, light, and easy to store. Whether you are camping for one night or an entire week, gas bottles will help you have a cosy and stress-free trip.

Cook up your favourite dishes

Instead of spending lots of money on freeze-dried meals and snacks, opt for a camping cooker and gas bottles instead. This way, you can cook up a variety of tasty dishes including curries, pasta, egg dishes, jacket potatoes, and soups. Affordable veg, beans, and canned food can also be prepared on a camping cooker. Simply connect your gas bottle to your appliance, following the safety instructions, and start cooking.

Warm-up with a gas bottle heater

We all know that the British weather can be unpredictable. That's why it's important to be prepared for every outcome. If you find yourself shivering one evening, a gas bottle heater is certainly the quickest way to keep and stay warm. Instead of stocking up on firewood or coal, this type of heater will provide warmth to your camp area in no time. This way, you can still have an enjoyable evening with funny stories, tasty food, and stargazing. You also won't have to worry about keeping the flames going and getting smoke in your eyes. Our gas bottles will fit with most heating appliances in a few simple steps.

Safety comes first

Gas bottles and their accompanying appliances offer convenience and efficiency. They are portable, lightweight, and always come in handy. Before you begin to use a gas bottle, be sure to follow all safety instructions, precautions, and advice. In order to have an enjoyable camping experience, always handle the gas bottles with care, and dispose of them correctly. Keep the bottles out of the reach of children. All necessary information and directions for use are displayed on the packaging.