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Ways To Stay Warm And Cosy This Winter

The temperature has dropped, Jack Frost is paying us all a visit and Christmas is just around the corner, so now is the time to make sure you’re set for a warm and cosy winter.

Whether you’re planning a festive party, a camping trip or just staying snug at home, make sure your friends and family stay warm whatever the weather. Here are our top tips for keeping the cold at bay this winter.

Build a fabulous fire

Real fires, log burners and multi-fuel stoves are more popular than ever before. There is something so alluring about the flames of a real fire and this is the time of year when it's most appealing. Remember to stock up on logs or coal so that you’re well prepared for those cold, winter nights. We cater for all your needs including soft and hardwood logs, kiln dried logs, kindling and firelighters.

Party pleasers

If you’re hosting a Christmas or New Year party, you might want your guests to spill outside and make the most of all the space that you’ve got. This is where a patio or cabinet heater will come in handy so that guests can stay warm and still enjoy being outside. We supply a wide range of calor gas bottles in many sizes for large and small heaters alike.

If you’re inflating balloons for your party, help is at hand with our range of helium cylinders, inflator valves and helium balloon kit. Make sure you have a bag of rock salt tucked away somewhere so that guests don’t slip if it’s a frosty or icy night.

Cosy camping

If you’re braving the elements and planning a camping trip or perhaps staying in a log cabin this winter, then it’s worth considering a portable gas barbecue so you can cook-on-the-go wherever you are. Whatever equipment you’re taking with you, here at London Gases we stock a wide range of Campingaz cylinders suitable for small cookers, stoves, mini BBQs and burners.

Whatever your plans, make sure you’ve stocked up on all the supplies you need for a warm and cosy winter.