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What benefits do kiln dried logs deliver?

What benefits do kiln dried logs deliver? When it comes to choosing which logs to use at home, there are a few different choices. This usually splits down into choosing between hardwood and softwood logs. If you usually like to use hardwood, then you may also be interested in trying out kiln dried logs too. The difference between these and more standard types of hardwood logs you can buy are in how they are seasoned. Seasoning is essentially how the excess moisture is drawn out of logs to make them suitable for use. While the standard process essentially sees the logs piled up and left outside to naturally dry out, kiln dried logs are baked to help them dry out more effectively. This has seen them become more and more popular with people in recent years. But what specific benefits do this type of log offer?

It burns better

Kiln-dried logs usually have a moisture content of 20% or below after being baked. This is a low figure and one that makes them burn more efficiently when lit. The low moisture content also means that they give a longer, safer flame. The lack of excess water in the logs means smoke is reduced and no harmful products are released in it to damage your chimney.

They can save you money

As these logs burn hotter for longer, they can also save you money too. This is down to the simple fact that you will not use as many and therefore not have to buy as much. Over the year, this can add up to quite a saving. As you will require fewer logs at any one time, you will also need less space to store them in.

Great for novice fire-makers

We all have to start somewhere when it comes to getting fires going at home. Kiln-dried logs can be better for novices as they are easier to get lit and to keep lit. While this is not so much of an issue for more experienced people, it is a big bonus for newbies.

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