Two boys having a water fight in a garden

What do you need for a summer party the whole family will remember?

With many people choosing to stay at home this summer, it makes sense to throw a sizzling summer garden party which the whole family can enjoy. This not only helps to make any staycation better but also gives the kids something fun to look forward too. Of course, to really make it a party to remember you need to have the right things in first. But what should you stock up on before enjoying some outdoor fun in your garden?

BBQ gas

Most people have a BBQ in their garden now and they are a great way to add some extra excitement to your family party. Just remember to keep the BBQ well away from any areas the kids might play in! If you have a gas BBQ, then you also need to have the right fuel to power it. Buying BBQ gas in advance is wise so you have it ready and are not rushing to find any on the day.

Toys and games

As this is a family garden party over Summer, it is also fun to give the kids some new toys or games to play with. Younger ones, for example, might enjoy bubbles, hula hoops or skipping ropes. Buying a few toys and games not only makes it more enjoyable for children but also keeps the kids busy while you relax with a drink!

Food and drink

This is obvious but is worth mentioning as you can't have a family party without it. Cooking up some meat, fish or veggies on the BBQ always goes down well and tastes great. If you don't have a barbie, you can get a similar effect from grilling it inside or using a griddle pan on your stove. Treating kids to some home-made lemonade or tasty juice is also sure to go down well!

Great value BBQ gas with London Gases

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