Wood burning in an outdoor firepit

What logs are ideal for fire pits?

Sitting around a fire pit with family and friends is an ideal way to stretch out your summer days into the cooler evenings, but the wood you pick is important. Ideally, you’ll need a long-lasting fuel that’s easy to light, so read on to discover the best kind of logs to load your fire pit with.

What wood to avoid

When you’ve run out of wood, you might be tempted to make a fire from scraps and branches around your garden. While this might seem a swift and simple solution, it can quickly result in an unpleasant fire with clouds of smoke. Along with irritating the eyes of your guests, you’re also liable to annoy nearby neighbours trying to enjoy their garden too.

Perfect logs for the job

Kiln-dried hardwood logs are by far the best option for both chimneys and fire pits. Hardwood offers a substantial burning time due to its density to create fires that will last longer.

Selecting kiln-dried logs over seasoned logs is a wise move as they provide a cleaner burn that causes minimal smoke. This is because any moisture present in the wood has been greatly reduced as part of the process of kiln drying.

You’ll find kiln-dried hardwood logs available in a wide range of different wood species with different advantages. Dense oak burns for a long time, hickory has an amazing scent, ash is easy to use, and beech burns exceptionally hot.

Buying kiln-dried logs

When purchasing a bag of kiln-dried logs, you should select your chosen fuel based on four specific properties. Make sure the logs have a high heat rating and an excellent burn efficiency score while offering low smoke emissions and minimal CO2 emissions. Additionally, check that the moisture content of the kiln dried logs you buy is less than 20 per cent and that the wood has been harvested responsibly from a sustainable source.

Kiln-dried hardwood logs can also be used in multi-fuel and wood-burning stoves, outdoor pizza ovens and traditional open fires.

Ask the professionals

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