A person lighting a gas camping stove

What to consider when selecting camping gas

Camping is a great and affordable way to bond with friends and family. Being out and about in the outdoors also helps you feel closer to nature, but if you are not well prepared, camping can be stressful and unpleasant. Two crucial things you must have covered are lighting and food. If you are planning to cook, then remember to pack a camping stove as well as a gas bottle. Propane and Butane are the only two gases used for camping. Here is what you should know when selecting camping gas.


Propane is the best option for the winter. Butane condenses when temperatures are very low, and it does not flow. This can be very frustrating especially in the morning when all you want is a hot cup of tea. Propane burns in all seasons of the year but during warmer weather, we would recommend that you use Butane. It burns more efficiently and it is, therefore, more affordable. A small butane gas bottle gives you more gas than a big propane bottle.


Propane and Butane cylinders are manufactured by two companies in Europe: Calor and Campingaz. Calor is more affordable compared to Campingaz. If you are a tourist and you want to camp near London, then our recommendation would be Calor.

Size of the cylinder

When going camping, the smaller the cylinder, the better. Assuming that you have also packed camping and hiking gear, then you are not left with much room in your vehicle to fit a huge gas cylinder. Large gas cylinders are heavy to transport and they also increase the safety risk. A 4.5 kg Butane gas bottle should be more than enough for a standard family.

Where to buy camping gas?

Unfortunately, you cannot order a gas cylinder from an online store because most courier companies are not allowed to transport full gas bottles. Visit our website for more details on how you can contact us as well as the location of our stores. We are based in London and are a leading supplier of Calor gas, logs, coal, helium gas and beer gas.