People sat around a campfire at night

What wood is perfect for autumn outdoor fires?

Gathering around a chiminea or firepit with your friends or family is a perfect way to stave off the chills on crisp autumn afternoons and evenings. Whether you’re taking a camping trip or celebrating an important event in your garden, the type of wood you’re burning is a key concern.

To avoid frustration and disappointment, logs that are simple to light and burn for longer are desirable. In the next section, we’ll explore some tips for choosing the best wood to ensure you enjoy your firepit to the full.

Picking the perfect logs

Whether you have a fire pit or a chiminea, hardwood logs that have been kiln-dried are a great fuel option.

Dense hardwood delivers longer burning times than other woods, so your fire will enjoy extended life. Kiln-dried logs provide a far cleaner burn than seasoned logs and produce far less smoke when lit.

Tips when purchasing dried logs

Logs are available in an extensive selection of different woods. While ash is simple to use, beech burns very hot. Oak will burn for longer and hickory has an incredible scent.

When buying bags of kiln dried logs, always pick fuel by checking four attributes. Ensure the logs have an exceptional burn efficiency score and a high heat rating while having low CO2 and smoke emissions. Don’t forget to examine the product’s moisture content, too; kiln dried logs should always be less than 20%.

Woods to pass on

When you’re running short of wood for a fire, you might consider adding branches and twigs blown down by autumn winds, but this is never a smart idea. Untreated for burning and still containing moisture and sap, these scraps make poor fires. You’ll find that this wood will burn with clouds of unpleasant smoke that can irritate your eyes.

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