Green grass and trees in a park

Where To Bbq In London This Summer – Islington Edition

With the sun blazing and August almost upon us, it is officially summer time! As such, it’s time to break out the sausages, find some halloumi, gather your friends and have a BBQ. However, with most people in London not having the luxury of a garden, it can be difficult to find a suitable open space in which to enjoy this quintessentially British summer tradition.

Most parks in London have by-laws banning both disposable and gas BBQs in green spaces, so it is essential to check your local council rules to avoid getting into trouble. However, our experts have found a few places where you can barbecue to your heart’s content, with no restrictions on using gas bottles, coal or logs as fuel.

Islington Council lifted the ban on BBQs in their public parks back in 2011, much to the pleasure of residents, and Londoners as a whole. Easily accessible by both the Northern and Victoria lines, Islington is easy to get to, and their parks draw people from all across London.

1. Highbury Fields

Despite being extremely popular in sunny weather, this park is big enough to accommodate large numbers of people. The gentle slopes mean you can easily carry your gas bottles, hampers and drinks to any area, and Highbury Leisure Centre is located at the bottom of the hill if you need a dip in their pool to cool off.

2. Waterlow Park

Located next to Highgate Cemetery, this park has three picturesque ponds all fed by natural springs. Combined with Lauderdale House, which was built in the 1500s, and a stunning view of the city, this is the place to come for a quiet and relaxing bbq.

3. Cantelowe Gardens

Extremely close to Camden Town, Cantelowe Gardens is a small oasis amongst the vibrant and dynamic nature of Camden Markets. Known predominantly for the skate park located here, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to skate and eat, although there are many quieter areas to find too. However, there is an important exclusion to this freedom to barbecue – any open area run by Royal Parks does not allow any open fires, which includes BBQs. So Regent’s Park, Hampstead Heath and Primrose Hills are all unfortunately no-go areas for your BBQ afternoons. Great BBQs need the best equipment. For all of your gas and barbecue needs, visit