Volkswagen Campervan and tent at a campsite

Which Is Best, Propane Or Butane For BBQ?

Camping holidays are always popular, and there are a huge range of options in the UK for the keen camper, from the magnificent rolling hills of the Yorkshire Dales to the rugged, picturesque landscape of Cornwall. But whether you’re on a hiking holiday or spending a week with your family by the sea, there are certain essentials to consider on any camping holiday – perhaps the most important of which is food!

Taking a camping stove on your trip is a great way to maximise your independence and truly enjoy the outdoor life. Gas-powered camping stoves are much more reliable and user-friendly than they used to be, but when taking one of these stoves on your camping trip, you still have a choice to make: propane or butane?

These are the two main kinds of gas used in outdoor stoves. Both are versions of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and you can distinguish between them by the colour of their cylinders: butane cylinders are often blue and propane cylinders are usually red.

So what’s the difference between butane and propane? Propane is at its best when it’s cold. This makes propane the ideal fuel for those camping trips in early spring, winter or autumn, or if you are venturing onto high ground.

Butane gas doesn’t flow when it gets cold, so is less reliable in cool temperatures. However, it comes into its own when the weather is less inhospitable, and because it burns more efficiently than propane, you can buy a smaller, easily transportable bottle, which is a major consideration when you’re having to lug all that camping gear across the countryside at the end of a long drive!

Of course, the gas you use may depend on your camping stove. Some will take only one kind, but there are stoves that can work with both propane and butane, which give you more flexibility. If you’re in the London area and you are planning a camping holiday, get in touch with London Gases. We can advise you and help you find the right gas bottle for your camping stove.