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Kiln Dried Logs Vs Seasoned Logs – Which Is Right For You, Seasoned or Kiln?

Here at London Gases, we sell both seasoned logs and kiln-dried logs. Both types of fuel are great for fireplaces, log-burning stoves and other solid-fuel heating systems. However, each type of fuel is different and each has its own advantages and drawbacks. So, which is right for you? Should you choose seasoned logs or kiln-dried logs for your fireplace or heating system?

Before we can answer this question, it’s necessary to understand the difference between seasoned logs and kiln-dried ones. Seasoned logs are dried out naturally in the open air over a long period of time in order to reduce their moisture content until they can be burned efficiently. In contrast, kiln- dried logs are dried artificially in a specialised kiln. This is a much faster, more intensive process than seasoning and results in logs with an even lower moisture content.

As you might expect, the main advantage of kiln dried logs is that they burn hotter and last longer than their seasoned counterparts. Because so much moisture has been removed from them, a greater proportion of their mass is burnable carbon, which is what allows each log to burn for longer. Furthermore, no thermal energy is expended on evaporating excess moisture, which is what allows them to burn hotter. In short, you need to use fewer logs to heat your home to your desired temperature for any given period of time.

However, kiln-dried logs cost more up-front than seasoned logs. The seasoning process is cheaper than kiln-drying, so the main advantage of seasoned logs is that they are much cheaper to purchase initially.

Of course, investing in kiln-dried logs can save you money in the long-run because you won’t use them up as quickly, but seasoned logs are great if you need to buy solid fuel for a very low price. We recommend purchasing seasoned logs if you only intend to use a fireplace or other fuel-burning system for a short period of time. Their lower level of efficiency won’t matter if you only need them briefly. In contrast, we recommend investing in kiln-dried logs if you use your fireplace or heating system on a daily basis, because their higher level of efficiency will save you money in the long-run.

Regardless of which type of fuel you choose to use, you’ll find it in our range of products. Why not take a look today?