Which wood is best for your fire?

From the glowing embers and crackling wood to the scent of smoke, an open fire is favoured by many. From campfires and chimeneas outdoors to wood burners and open fires inside, logs can be bought that deliver heat, warmth, and exceptional smells. In this blog, we’ll look at the types of wood available that make ideal options and those that are best to avoid.


Harvested from ash, maple, birch, oak, and beech trees, hardwoods are dense woods. As a result, when burned they can retain heat for longer while producing less smoke and sparks. Hardwood leaves hot wood coals behind after burning instead of ash, offering lasting heat that makes keeping fires going an easier process.


The most affordable option for firewood, pine, cedar, and fir are all classed as softwoods. However, there is a reason why these woods are less expensive. Far smokier and producing fine ash rather than wood coals, they burn rapidly. As a result, they are not ideal for a wood-burning stove heating a home but make great kindling and are suitable for campfires.

Combining wood types

Starting your fire with softwood and adding hardwood once it gets going is a tried and tested approach that is both economical and effective.

Woods that you shouldn’t use

Collecting scraps of wood to throw on the fire can be tempting, but also dangerous. Wood that has been painted or treated with fumes can burn off with toxic fumes and create harmful emissions, whether you are making a fire indoors or outside.

Twigs and branches from trees typically have a high moisture count and should also be avoided. When burned, they produce unpleasant smoke and can even put fires out with the excess liquid they carry.

Purchasing pre-dried logs that are pre-seasoned and can be used straight away can make life easier. Kiln-dried hardwood logs, for instance, offer slower burn rates and perfect moisture levels.

Ideal logs for every application

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