A roaring fire

Why smokeless coal is a great option for your coal fire

Coal is a fossil fuel that has been highly prized for generations. Once the mainstay of energy usage, it heated homes and generated power for many countries worldwide. However, coal can be associated with some health and environmental risks that make people wary of using it. However, smokeless coal has many environmental, health and cost-efficiency benefits compared to house coal. Here are some great reasons to switch to smokeless coal:

Smokeless coal is better for your health

Unlike house coal, smokeless coal does not release plumes of smoke. Smokeless coal contains less volatile ingredients too, meaning that it does not emit toxins that could be hazardous to your health. Therefore, it is beneficial to your respiratory system as you are not inhaling any toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide or pollutants.

Increase in cost-effectiveness

With exceptional efficiency, smokeless coal has the potential to produce up to one third more heat than house coal. Furthermore, it can also continue to burn for 40 per cent longer because the anthracite in smokeless coal possesses the ability to burn exceptionally efficiently. Consequently, you'll get premium value for money from your smokeless coal, cutting down on your financial costs in the process.

Reduction in your carbon footprint

Smokeless coal started to increase in popularity after the 1956 Clean Air Act because it is more environmentally friendly than house coal and produces significantly less pollution. Compared to house coal, smokeless coal can produce up to 20% less carbon dioxide per hour, which is a noteworthy improvement. With global warming and climate change at the forefront of many people's minds, smokeless coal can help to ensure that you reduce your carbon footprint and preserve the environment.

More aesthetically pleasing

The vivid and intense flame produced by smokeless coal is stunningly beautiful and an excellent centrepiece for a cold winter's night when you long to feel warm, cosy and relaxed. It can profoundly augment the visual appearance of your fireplace, making you feel calm and content. Need a reliable and trustworthy supplier of smokeless coal in London? Visit London Gases for an excellent service and speedy delivery.