Two bags of Smokeless ecoal by Homefire

Why use Ecoal smokeless coal in your fire this winter?

Is there anything better than a roaring coal fire over winter? Whether it is warming up after being out in the cold or cuddling up for cosy nights, it is the perfect time of year to light the hearth. As well as the fire's comforting warmth, you also get the flickering light to relax with. It is crucial to pick the right coal to use though and a popular choice is Ecoal smokeless coal. But why is this?

Better for the environment

Most people are aware of climate change and the impact our actions have on the planet. Smokeless coal is an ideal product to use for those who like to do their bit to help. This is because it produces fewer emissions and enables you to enjoy a roaring fire at home this winter, which is more eco-friendly. Ecoal smokeless coal is also made with 30% renewable materials and emits up to 25% less CO2 than standard coal.

Long lasting warmth

When you settle in to enjoy your coal fire on a cold night, you want fuel that gives long-lasting results. This means you use less and don't have to be constantly adding new coal to your fire. Ecoal smokeless coal gives superb warmth for sustained periods in order to achieve this. It also produces high-heat levels and is therefore ideal for warming up on chilly winter days.

Multi-use fuel

This type of smokeless coal is also popular because of its versatility. It is not only fine to use on open fires but also on multi-fuel stoves too. This in turn avoids you having to buy separate fuels for each type of fire. With low amounts of ash produced as well, it also makes keeping your fire tidy a breeze.

Ecoal smokeless coal from London Gases

If you live in London and enjoy a coal fire over winter but also want to protect the environment, this fuel is a great choice. At London Gases, we have Ecoal smokeless coal available to buy online and can also deliver to homes throughout the capital. Order with us today or get in touch on 020 8807 4633 for more help.