A roaring fire

Why use hardwood logs on your home fire this winter?

If you have a home fire, you will know how awesome they can be over winter. They not only give an effective way to heat the property but they also look and smell great. To get the most from your home fire though, the fuel you use is crucial. While there are a few options to consider, hardwood logs are enduringly popular. But why is this?

High levels of heat

For the majority of home fires this winter, hardwood logs are a top choice for the high heat levels they deliver. This is down to how the wood is made up and the density hardwood logs have. This is great news for staying cosy when it gets cold out because this type of log will give off more heat. More heat also means you need to use fewer logs. This sees you save money in the long term because you will go through your supply of logs more slowly.

Less work involved

Hardwood logs are also popular for home use due to the longer burn time they normally offer. This means you do not have the hassle of putting new logs on regularly and can sit back to enjoy your fire in peace. Less refuelling is simply more relaxing and means you will get the maximum enjoyment from your fire this winter.

Minimal levels of smoke and sparks

If you are thinking of which type of logs to use on your fire, this feature of hardwood logs could be key. This type of wood does not produce lots of smoke, which prevents it from hanging in the air or making your home smell. The lack of sparks is also a bonus because this makes your fire safer to use.

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