A cream volkswagen campervan with a pop-top roof

Why you need Calor gas bottles for your campervan

With homemade campervans becoming the new DIY project (think ambulances and transit vans reimagined as holiday homes on wheels) and seeing #VanLife trending all over social media, it’s undeniable how popular travelling and holidaying in a quirky campervan has become.

You don’t have to spend months and lots of money making your own campervan, however, you can easily rent cool, homemade campervans from companies such as Quirky Campers to get your dream holiday on wheels.

The heart of homemade campervans is the design to be self-contained so that expensive campsites can be avoided and everything you might need – from heating to cooking facilities – is included inside.

If you’re building, renting or buying a campervan, here’s why Calor gas bottles will improve your home on wheels:

Campervans often use gas for cooking and heating

The most popular resources used in homemade campervans for cooking and heating is gas, either in the form of a portable Calor gas container, or an LPG gas tank mounted under the van.

If you’re building your own van, take the time to research how to build a gas hob fuelled by Calor gas bottles. Fitted kitchens are a brilliant way of creating that home away from home feel on the road, and it’s super convenient when it comes to making a cup of tea or hot meal in the van.

Don’t have a fitted kitchen? Bring a camping stove

Camping stoves are brilliant for smaller vans or vans without a fitted gas hob. Simple and quick to set up, you can enjoy outdoor meals and hot drinks with just a portable camping stove and the correct size Calor gas bottle to fire it up.

Pick the right gas bottles for your van

The blue 7.5kg gas bottles are ideal for portable gas heaters often found in vans, but it’s always worth asking credible sources, such as London Gases, for professional advice on safety and guidelines.

Buy your gas bottles from a reputable company

Fire up your campervan with Calor gas bottles from London Gases. We’re an independent, trustworthy and knowledgeable company ready to help you choose the best gas containers for your van.