Glowing Hot coals

Winter safety tips for coal fire users

When winter rolls around, nothing beats the cosiness of an open fire in your home. Coal is among the most commonly used home fuels. Offering exceptional value for money, slow-burning times and ease of use, it is not tricky to see why.

While the warmth of an open coal fire is sure to add extra comfort and enjoyment for your household in the chilliest season, safety is an important consideration. To ensure you remain risk-free while burning coal indoors, follow these simple steps.

Get a professional sweep

Before winter begins, get your flue inspected and your chimney professionally swept. Always use a certified sweep with the correct qualifications and experience. Sweeps can inspect your flue and ensure it is safe to use. If any issues exist that present a serious threat, they will identify them, remove any blockages, and ensure your open fire is winter-ready.

Install a fireguard

Blazing coal fires are beautiful to look at, but remember the heat of flames and the proximity of combustible materials like rugs and furnishings. Using a fireguard to shield your home from naked flames and hot embers is vital. It is especially important in homes where younger children and curious pets are part of the family. Inexpensive and easy to fit, a fireguard is absolutely essential for all coal fire users.

Extinguish coal fires before bed

The reason coal offers such value for money is its considerable burning time. However, this means that by the time you are ready to sleep at night, your fire may still be lit. To prevent any risk of fire, you must put out your fire before you go to bed. Clear your fire of hot ashes by emptying the grate into a steel bucket and dowse the contents with water before storing it outside. Never dispose of ashes in your home garbage as hot embers can be hidden within, presenting a fire hazard.

London experts on coal safety

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