Is beer gas difficult to store?

Public houses and bars based in London will know that having a stock of high-quality beer gas is vital to create perfect pints for their punters. Sometimes called cellar gas, beer gas is also used to pour ciders and non-alcoholic drinks, along with lager and bitter. While a glass of real ale does not need an abundance of bubbles, a flat pint is never looked upon favourably and those seeking cider, soft drinks and lager will want lots of fizz. The good news is that providing that you follow the rules, keeping beer gas close at hand and ready when needed isn’t difficult. Storing your cellar gas correctly comes with a range of benefits that include passing visits from the health and safety inspector, reducing profit loss and avoiding accidents. In this blog, we’ll explore what beer gas is and how best to store it on your site.

What is in beer gas?

Cellar gas designed for real ales and stouts like Guinness includes a mixture of Nitrogen gases with CO2. Nitrogen is necessary to allow CO2 use at pressure, cutting down the chances of excessive carbonation. As a completely odourless ingredient, it is perfect when you need a little fizz without ruining the flavour of a pint of beer. Lagers, ciders, and pop can be made using just CO2 gas as too much fizz is never an issue, but a mixture is mainly used that has less Nitrogen.

Cylinder storage and handling

Always store beer gas cylinders upright against a wall whether they are being used or are empty. Secure your cellar gas supply with a chain to stop cylinders from falling over. Beer gas should never be left in places where it might be knocked over and shouldn’t be dropped or thrown. As they are pressurised and weighty, cylinders present a potential risk of accidents and injuries. Cylinder valves may become damaged which results in leaks. Loss of stock and the expense of replacement parts is never good for your business.

Remember to train your bar staff

Improper storage and handling of cylinders of cellar gas can result in a significant risk to health and safety, so ensure your personnel never interact with them until they have been fully trained. Buy beer gas for your business with us here at London gases. Contact us now to order.