Top Selling Calor Gas

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  • 47kg Propane Gas

    The 47kg Calor propane gas cylinder is perfect for industrial and commercial use.

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  • 19kg propane gas
    19kg Propane Gas

    The Calor 19kg propane gas cylinder is perfect for commercial heating and catering.

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  • 13kg propane gas
    13kg Propane Gas

    The Calor 13kg propane gas cylinder is ideal for narrow boats, catering vans and also commercial use.

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  • 7kg butane gas cylinder
    7kg Butane Gas

    The Calor 7kg butane gas cylinder is suitable for cabinet heaters, cooking and heating.

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  • 15kg butane gas
    15kg Butane Gas

    The 15kg Calor butane gas cylinder is perfect for cabinet heaters and other butane-fed appliances.

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  • 13kg patio gas
    13kg Patio Gas

    The 13kg Calor Patio Gas cylinder is ideal for BBQs and patio heaters.

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