How to store logs outside

If you have a fire or wood burner, knowing how to correctly store your logs is very important, particularly if you want to store them outside. If you’re unsure of how to correctly store your logs outside, read our tips below for more information.

Choose your location carefully

The first thing to consider is where to store your logs. This may differ depending on the time of year and the area that you live in, as weather conditions may differ. Too much rain can damage your logs to the point that they won’t burn properly, so pick a location that is likely to receive a minimum amount of rain – it may be worth covering your logs with a tarpaulin sheet or keeping them in an outside storage area in the rainy months, such as a shed. In summer you can uncover them, in order to prevent the logs from sweating. They should also be left on a flat and even surface.

Make sure they aren’t covered by trees

Some people choose to keep their logs under the cover of trees, as they think this will protect them more. However, falling trees and tree branches may damage logs and anything you have used to cover them up, such as a tarpaulin. Trees may also direct more rain down onto your logs from overhead branches.

Keep your logs away from grass

This will depend on the type of garden you have, but it’s recommended that you keep your logs away from grassy areas. Grass attracts water and your logs may soak up moisture from the grass, making them too wet to use. If you have an area of your garden with gravel or tarmac on it, this would be a better location to keep your logs, instead of on any grassy areas. You could also consider having a ground barrier (for example, a wooden pallet) to prevent moisture seeping in from the ground.

Stacking your logs

Logs should be neatly stacked and not stored in a heap. Correctly stacking them means that only the top layer will get damp during rainfall, whereas throwing them in a heap will allow more moisture to get in, from the sky or the ground. They also need a certain degree of air circulation, so make sure your logs aren’t stacked too tightly.

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