Where and how to keep your fuel supply

Homeowners who buy a flexible multi-fuel stove for their property can burn different kinds of combustible materials including coal briquets and logs. As a result, they can appreciate the benefits of both. While a Kiln dried wood is renowned for providing an authentic “real fire” experience and incredible scents, coal burns slowly and for longer delivering exceptional warmth and values.

Smokeless coal provides exceptional heat levels. Having a healthy stock of fuel at home can be handy, but storing it correctly is essential. In this blog, we’ll explain the best ways to keep your supply safe.

How to keep wood

Logs must be kept away from both animals and children and anything that may ignite them.

Store logs indoors or in a warm but dry area outside where insects cannot interfere with them. Logs should always be kept above ground level. However, if this is impossible, stack them with the bark side facing down to stop them from absorbing moisture.

Firewood racks are a perfect solution but don’t stack logs upright or you’ll risk accidents when logs are removed. Additionally, stack the wood loosely to ensure adequate air circulation and if you are storing it outdoors, cover it with a waterproof sheet that is made from a breathable material.

Storing coal

Keeping a small stock of coal indoors to top up is a common practice where stoves are present. However, coal is mainly stored outdoors. Like logs, it must be stored in a secure and dry place where it won’t be accidentally ignited.

Although waterproof sheeting is sometimes used, any water ingress can soak fuel making it hard to light. The bags coal comes in are typically waterproof but always check them for holes. A popular solution is a plastic storage bin that can be padlocked.

Buy coal and logs in London

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