How to use and store gas bottles in the autumn and winter months

Gas bottles have many uses, from backup heat generation for the home to BBQ gas for camping trips. Gas bottles can be used as a sole energy source in off-grid locations or targeted heat generation, for example, in outbuildings that do not have other energy sources.

The portable nature of gas bottles is great for a range of purposes, including fuelling portable heaters which enables more enjoyment of the outside even once the weather has turned. Gas-powered stoves can be used to warm hot chocolate or soup to provide warmth when star gazing or on hiking trips, for example.

With so many possibilities for use, often involving the transportation of the gas bottles, some thought must go into how to move and store the bottles safely.

How to safely transport gas bottles

London Gases can arrange safe transportation to London destinations, taking care of this initial delivery. Should the gas canisters have an onward journey, carry out these checks to ensure safety during the trip:

How to safely store gas bottles

Gas bottles such as Calor gas are invaluable for many purposes, but they do come with safety risks if not stored safely. Storing gas canisters safely involves:

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