3 propane gas myths debunked

Propane gas has many uses beyond powering your barbecue grill at home. There are, unfortunately, many misconceptions concerning propane that are widely believed. In this blog post, we debunk a few common misunderstandings about propane gas…

Myth 1: Propane is very hazardous

Despite the fact that exposure to propane gas may be hazardous, exposure risks are really rather minimal. For example, propane gas tanks are far more resilient to puncture than the majority of conventional tanks, reducing the likelihood of a gas leak. In addition, the design of a propane tank assures that it will not fill to more than 80 percent capacity in order to accommodate for possible thermal expansion.

Myth 2: Propane can only be used for grilling

Propane is not simply beneficial for barbecues, in fact, homeowners may find themselves using propane gas more often than they realise. As a very adaptable and efficient fuel, propane may be used to power a wide range of equipment, including space heaters and water heaters in the home as well as outdoor firepits and devices that need gas, such as dryers.

Bigger tanks are available for more demanding home applications, these sizes are especially beneficial for families with several children.

Myth 3: Propane is expensive

When the overall cost of propane equipment is taken into consideration, propane is one of the most cost-effective sources of gas available. Creating a cleaner combustion process using propane means reducing wear and tear on equipment such as your furnace and hot water heater. Propane gas bottles also last for a longer period of time. When you consider that today’s propane appliances may achieve efficiency of up to 98%, it becomes clear why propane is a sound financial investment.

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