Calor gas storage safety tips for beginners

Formed in 1935, Calor is renowned for offering high-quality gas products, making it among the UK’s largest brands for butane and propane. Featuring a dedicated gas regulator, the firm’s products are ideal for a diverse array of applications but to promote safety, Calor gas bottlesmust always be used and stored properly. In this blog, we’ll offer some essential guidance for new users of this invaluable product to help them avoid the risk of accidents, injuries, and property damage.

Calor gas storage practices to avoid

Never attempt to store or use gas bottles if they are not standing upright. Calor gas cylinders should never be kept below ground level and it is worth noting that there are some locations where they cannot be used at all, for instance in high-rise apartment blocks. When storing Calor gas, bottles must be never placed near corrosive, toxic or oxidant materials.

Best practices for storing Calor gas

Calor Gas bottles and cylinders must be kept upright at all times, and in a storage space that is always well-ventilated. As they are highly combustible, Calor gas bottles must also be placed away from any possible sources of heat, that could result in ignition. When keeping propane gas bottles at home or on business premises, make certain that you store them outside buildings and away from the exits and entrances of buildings in case of a fire. Many people wonder if there is a limit to the number of gas bottles that you can store at home. At a residential address, you are permitted to store 30kg of butane gas, inside buildings. However, as mentioned, propane gas must never be kept indoors.

Purchase Calor gas bottles for your home or business

Follow these simple rules when you store Calor gas bottles to make sure you avoid accidents, injuries and property damage. Whether you require a supply of patio gas for your winter barbeque or Campingaz for a caravan holiday you have planned, at London Gases, we can supply a wide selection of Calor gas products. To get equipped at your London address, reach out to us today and place your order.