How to store beer gas safely

Beer gas, a mix of carbon dioxide and nitrogen, is used to carbonate beer and make it dispensable from a tap. Beer gas is safe to use in draught beers but it can potentially be hazardous if not stored and looked after properly. Continue reading to find out more about how to store beer gas safely.

Keep the casks in a ventilated environment

You should try to store beer casks below 12°C because temperatures too high will shorten the lifespan of the beer inside the casks. Compressed beer gas cylinders need to be in a cool enough environment to avoid any potential hazards, such as the cylinders bursting. Luckily, 12°C is known as “cellar temperature”, so the majority of beer cellars are already the perfect environments to store beer gas.

Keep the gas canisters secured

You don’t want beer gas canisters falling over and getting damaged, so it’s always best to keep the canisters secured. Avoid overcrowding your cellar and have a designated area where the beer gas can easily be accessed. A lot of people choose to physically secure the canisters, often with a chain attached to the wall, to keep them from accidentally toppling over. This will stop them from getting damaged, thus keeping the beer gas safe inside.

Don’t store beer gas past its expiration date

When stored correctly, beer gas can last between 3 and 6 months, giving you plenty of time to use it all. However, like any other product with an expiration date, you shouldn’t continue to store beer gas past its expiry. Using expired beer gas won’t kill you, but the beer will likely taste bad and could give you a stomach ache. As the gas is used to carbonate beer, expired beer gas will result in a disappointing, flat beer.

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