Person pulling a pint at a bar

3 tips to use while cleaning your beer lines

There is nothing that beats the feeling of a cold beer and excellent company on a lazy weekend. Whether you are catching up at your local bar or your home bar, you certainly want to get the best out of your beer gas, with the perfect bubbly balance of bitter notes and the delicate aromas. But what does it mean if you notice a change in the taste of your beer? Your beer lines are simply telling you that they may be clogged up with mould or bacteria and that it is time to give them a proper clean. Here are some essential cleaning tips to use that will guarantee you quality beer in the long run.

Disconnect and clean your couplers

Begin by disconnecting your couplers from the beer gas container. After doing this, connect the coupler to a keg with a cleaning solution. Remember to read the instructions on how to mix the cleaning solution to ensure you get the right consistency and avoid over diluting or ending up with a concentrated mix. Let the washing liquid flow from your facets into an empty bucket for a few minutes to clean your coupler and lines.

Use cold water

In case you are torn between using cold and hot water, go for the cold. Cold water takes a long time to freeze, meaning it will clean out your beer gas lines more effectively than the hot water. After flushing your couplers and lines with the cleaning solution, rinse them with clean cold water until you have a clear solution free from debris and beer residue. Remember to clean your electrical pumps also as well as the fob detectors.

Have regular clean-ups

Give your beer gas lines regular clean-ups, at least once every two weeks. But in case you suspect any forgetfulness on your side, you can always hire beer line cleaners.

Cleaning your beer lines is just one part of the puzzle. Getting the right quality beer gas is the next bit. If you are in London and are looking for an excellent beer gas provider, contact London Gases for the perfect gas solution.