Woodburning stove in living room

Multi Fuel Stove – A Beginners Guide on How to Light and Use

It’s almost universal, everyone loves a real fire. You might be lucky enough to have one in your own home, or you may choose your holiday cottages based on whether you have the possibility to get cosy round the fire. The trouble is, there can be a bit of a knack to lighting them, especially when many people are used to the flick of a switch on their electric fire.

The basics

Make sure you have the right fuel. You will usually be able to spot a multi fuel stove from a wood burner because there will be grates there to allow coal to breathe properly as it burns. A multi fuel stove will usually be able to burn logs (https://www.londongases.co.uk/browse/logs), coal (https://www.londongases.co.uk/browse/smokeless-coal) and briquettes (https://www.londongases.co.uk/browse/briquettes).

How to light your stove

It’s best to always check your stoves instruction manual to ensure that you will be complying with all the safety features. Lighting can be one of the trickiest parts of having a stove, especially if you’re new to it or just using one on holiday.

  1. Open the air supply
  2. Place firelighters (https://www.londongases.co.uk/view/firelighters) or paper amongst your fuel 3) Light your firelighters or paper and observe to see if your fuel takes light. You may need to blow gently on the paper but always be cautious when doing this.
  3. If it is safe to do so (you have no pets or small children around) leave the door slightly open for a few minutes until the fire is well established.
  4. Once it is burning well, add in your bigger pieces of fuel
  5. Close the door and add in more fuel where necessary.


Coal often burns best when the air supply is coming from low down so use the bottom vents to regulate the fire once it is established. Manufactured or smokeless coals are often a good option for multi fuel stoves (https://www.londongases.co.uk/browse/smokeless-coal).


Your multi fuel stove will burn at a very high temperature meaning that you will be kept toasty warm as you enjoy some down time out of the winter chill. Grab a good book, some great food and enjoy!