Collection of gas cylinders

A novice’s guide to gases

The use of gases and fuels is extensive throughout the hospitality and catering industry. When you order a beer, coffee or that special birthday balloon, you can be sure that gas is involved. So how do you know which gas to use and when? The quick guide below offers some insight into the different uses for gases so you know what to use whether you are aiming to pour the perfect lager or inflating helium balloons for a special occasion.


Propane is a gas commonly used by truckers and industrial companies. If you are staying in a caravan, propane gas would be your choice for heating and cooking and it can be safely used indoors.


This gas is also delivered in calor gas bottles of varying sizes and is mainly used for BBQs and cabinet heaters as well as a lighter fuel and in some domestic products like deodorants. This gas can be used on some, but not all, older style BBQs. Check with London Gases before ordering.

Nitrogen and CO2

These are the gases you will need to help create the perfect drinks. They are available in different size canisters according to your needs. London Gases provides 100% nitrogen gas canisters for use in coffee preparation. C02 is required for soft drinks and lagers and can be ordered as a CO2/nitrogen mix, as detailed below.

C02/nitrogen mix

The percentage mix of CO2 and nitrogen is dependent on what its intended use is. The gases are present to carbonate your drinks and different drinks require different levels of carbonation to reach the intended taste and consistency. The higher the level of CO2 that is present, the more carbonated it is.


Helium's biggest use is to cool the conducting magnets in MRI scanners. It is also the gas used to inflate balloons. You will need to order an inflator valve at the same time as ordering helium gas.

From the information above, it is clear that there is a great range of gases with a variety of uses. London Gases, as a conscientious supplier, will ensure that you are ordering the correct product to meet your requirements and that you have all the pertinent safety and usage information. For more information, contact London Gases today.